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Buying a Bulldozer. Here are Points to consider

Buying a bulldozer is a must and is an integral part of the heavy equipment arsenal. You cannot go to any construction site without a bulldozer. But unfortunately, a lot of people do invest in it but without considering some points that are crucial while buying. And in this way, they waste a considerable amount of money which if they have been careful enough would have been beneficial for them. And all this happens because they are not aware of what they should see in a bulldozer when buying it. They ignore a lot of crucial points and do not do a good inspection due to which they face a considerable loss. Well, to help you in that area we have put together some essential points that can help you in placing your investment in the right equipment. So that in the future, you do not face any complications.

Here are those points:

1.Check for the Hydraulic system and the attachments of the bulldozer

Before buying, do a good inspection of the bulldozer. Check all the main systems or ask your engineers or an expert mechanic to analyze the whole machine. The most crucial system is Hydraulics. As we all know that the Hydraulics are the most important, and the entire performance of the equipment is dependent on it. Also, apart from the hydraulics, check for all the attachments. Replacing the parts and the attachments is a costly process. So be sure to check if any of the parts are loosely attached, or screws are loose. Check for the blades or the undercarriage as these are the most critical and expensive parts. And also the most considerable in the performance of the bulldozer.

2.Check for the undercarriage

The undercarriage is quite an essential part of the bulldozer. First, get to know the project site where you are going to work. As the site of the project is a better factor in deciding which type of undercarriage you want in your bulldozer. There is a basic undercarriage and the heavy-duty one. The use of both depends upon the ground you are going to use it on. If you are going to use it for landscaping or reconstruction, then you can always go for the standard one. But if you are planning to use it for some hefty work like in the areas where mountains are located, or the ground is very rocky. Then going for the heavy-duty one is more good as the heavy-duty ones are armed with sturdy plates having metal coatings. All sellers like Hadeed App out there provide with both types of undercarriage, and you can also consult from them. So it is always better to check the project requirements and then go for the buying process.

3.Size of the Bulldozer

You have to be sure about whether you want a big size bulldozer or a small-sized one. And for that, you need to know what size your business can fit. Get to learn from your experts that what size is better as they are better persons to talk with. Everything mostly depends upon the projects that you handle. Your projects are the main factors that will determine what type of and what size of the equipment you need.

4.The hours it has been used

This factor was especially put here for those who are having thoughts of buying the used ones. If you are tight on budget and are considering purchasing a used one. Then along with all the other points mentioned also go with this one. Check for the hours the bulldozer has been used for. The number of hours will indicate how much it was used. If it is less than it is okay but if hours are more than, this is a way more used one and can be problematic or may wear out way too early.

5.Spare Parts of the Bulldozer

A lot of the buyers make this mistake, and that is they do not check whether the bulldozer they are buying has its spare parts readily available. What will happen if some part of your machine breaks and then you get to know that there are no parts available for the machine. Well, this was something you had to think about before the purchase. When you are buying, ask your dealers that if the parts of the bulldozer get broken will they be available. From where they will be available and what cost. If you are buying from credible sellers like Hadeed App, then they will provide you with all the information.


Last but not least is to make sure that the cost you pay for the equipment is worth it. Although you go for a used one or the new one’s it is your choice, they both have quite a big price gap. And then also depends on what type of dealer you choose. You can get some excellent offers on  Hadeed App so don’t forget to check that out. Also if you buy a used one then definitely the price is going to below. But if you are planning for a new one you have to pay a significant amount but if you maintain the equipment properly, it is worth it.


Above all are the essential points that if you consider correctly can lead you to the best bulldozer machine out there. Even if you are replacing the model until these are helpful. So before buying, give these points a perfect read and then go for the heavy purchase.

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