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Excavator- 25,000 to 29,000 lbs.

  • ر.س20,536.00 / Day
  • ر.س1,800.00 / Week
  • ر.س5,300.00 / Month
Hire with operator
ر.س150.00 / Hour

The 25,000 to 29,000 lbs excavator is one of the earthmoving equipment and used to move large quantities of dirt, rubble, other heavy materials.

• The excavator is the quintessential earthmoving and digging machine for large-scale construction or industrial projects.
• Its boom lift and bucket give operators the ability to move large quantities of dirt, rubble, or other heavy materials.
• Ideal for any earthmoving project, demolition, trenching, foundation digging, mining, and grading tasks.
• Equipped with tracks for easier navigation on rough terrain.
• It is considered as one of the earthmoving equipment.
• Carries up to 29,000 lbs.

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