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Types of Soil Compaction Equipment

Construction equipment is of various types. One of which is the soil compaction equipment. A soil compactor comes in use to level up the grounds at different construction sites. Not only that they are also used to reduce the size of the particle slike soil, garbage, or any other solid material.

Compaction help in leveling up the ground that makes it easy for any of the construction to be done.

It expels out any of the air presents in the soil and enhances its properties compacting all the granules together in one. It increases the strength of the ground and makes it more stable to withhold the infrastructure constructed on it.

Compaction equipment is of various types, and you can get them through different credible sellers like Hadeed App.

Soil Compaction Equipment

Types of Compaction Equipment

Compaction equipment divided into two types based on the task they perform.

  • Light Soil
  • Heavy Soil

The light soil compaction equipment used for the compacting of the soil of the smaller areas are where there is a lot of compaction that is not needed.

Whereas the Heavy soil compactors are the ones that mostly used at the construction sites. These are the ones that are used for heavy work and have very high compacting power. The areas that need a lot f compaction are the ones where the heavy soil compaction equipment is used.

Types of Heavy Soil Compaction Equipment

Sheepsfoot Compaction Roller

Shivpur compaction rollers commonly used for compacting fine-grained soil such as silty clays. This is used in the dams, in pavement road and Railway projects. Sheep foot roller made of a steel drum on which rectangular type of protrusions known as lugs or feet is fixed. Are divided on the type of lug that is attached to the roller. It may be spindle-shaped with wide and best or maybe a Prismatic sheep foot roller or a club foot roller.

Pneumatic Tyred  Roller

pneumatic tired rollers used for compaction of a lot of materials but mostly they are used for the compaction of subgrade and bases.  Unlike the other equipment pneumatic tired roller have rubber tires and feature to the tandem axle. With 4 to 5 Tyres on the rear and three or four tires on the front axle.

Soil Compaction EquipmentGrid Rollers

grid rollers are in use for the compaction of well-graded coarse soils or sub-base road Projects. This type of roller is not suitable for the soil place for the uniform forest.

Grid rollers are made up of cylindrical heavy Steel services that have a network of Steel bars that form a square-shaped hole. This helps in the good compaction of the soil.


Tamping Rollers

Tamping compaction rollers are quite like the Sheep foot roller having lugs are of a larger area. Its weight ranging from 15 to 40 tons and the linear drum weight ranges from 30 to 80 kg person these rulers were considered more important in sheep foot roller due to their high capacity than the sheep foot rollers. They are quiet replacing the Sheep foot roller intensity, and these rules are relatively high speed and capable of breaking large lumps in the soil. They also have the leveling blade in them.

Smooth Wheeled rollers

The smooth wheeled roller is of two types:

static rollers

dynamic rollers

these rollers are most suitable for the compaction of graded Sands crushed, Rock asphalts, or Gravel.  Mostly ideal for the areas where crushing is required.

This type of roller is not used for the compaction of the uniform sand. This consists of large Steel drums in front and two Steel drums at the back. The weight of these rollers is about 8 to 10 tons. The performance of the wheeled rollers increased by increasing the weight of drums by filling the inside of a drum with wet sand or water.

As for the vibrating rollers, the Drums of the rollers vibrate this is helpful as it gives Hiigh compaction level.

Types of Light Soil Equipment

Vibrating Tampers

vibrating tempers are suitable for the compaction of any soil. This is also an appropriate environment for the compassion of small areas.  Moreover, the base plate of the vibrator tabla is vibrating that helps in better compaction and in-depth comparison. The weight of the vibrating temperature varies from  50  To a hundred kg.


Rammers mostly comes in use for the compaction of the rock fragments of the soil that contains a lot of stones. The weight of the varies from 30 kg to 10 tonnes whereas the hammer weighs from two to three times weight. But this machine is complicated to use and is also so challenging to get access.

Vibrating Plate Compactors

Vibrating plate compactors are used for smaller areas. This plate is used mostly for the compaction of soils containing four to eight percent of the granules. Furthermore, the weight of this machine varies from a hundred kg to tonnes, whereas the plate areas are between 0.16 mete square to 1.6-meter square.


soil compaction equipment is necessary pieces of equipment for the construction of any of the infrastructure. These are the type of equipment that should be present at every construction company. Choosing the compaction equipment depends upon the type of your business. The business may require small compaction equipment for many it may require more massive compaction improvements. Always go for that is convenient for you and your workers.

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